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Passion connects

Would you like to see more photos and films? 
Would you like to read short stories about our travels? 

In the members area we tell stories, show more photos and films
- "behind the scene" - 
around our visits to the different breeders.
Get a diverse insight into the wonderful world of Lusitanos
and their passionate breeders.

With the login you can join us easily and without obligation.

01 LUSITANO - BREEDER logo RGB negativ_edited.jpg
01 LUSITANO - BREEDER logo RGB negativ_edited.jpg
Are you looking for a Lusitano?

Get in direct contact with the breeders listed here on the website
Make your wishes known via the form or get in contact with a breeder yourself.

The breeders will be happy to contact you.

If you need help and support, please contact us.
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