Breeders Statements

Stephanie Gicot

Coudelaria Herdade do Pinheiro

"Never in a hurry, moving in stride with the horses, sensitive to each one’s reactions, curiosity and playfulness, Andrea is not just a photographer, she is also a confirmed rider and passionate about Lusitanos. The animals recognize this and act accordingly. Respectful of Nature the Lusitano-breeder team captures the horses in their element and transmits this beauty through stunning photographs. Thank you and come again soon."


Pedro Sousa Vieira 

Coudelaria Pedro Sousa Vieira

"It is so nice that you have such a pleasure just doing such a good job on the Lusitano breeding. In my name and I believe in the name of all breeders - and viewers - thank you Andrea and Nicole! You were able to capture the soul of our breed on your camera. Bless you both!"


Paulo Ponte

Coudelaria Paulo Ponte


 is amazing work a amazing company,

I hope you can come soon to visit us."